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Disenyong Pambahay was first established in 2005 as a company that designs and manufactures modular kitchens and cabinets located in Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Since then, it flourished as one of the country’s best in constructing and assembling high quality kitchen that combines functionality and style to suit the clients’ needs at the most reasonable prices. For years of our fruitful experiences in working for some of the most demanding and exclusive clients around the Metro and other provinces; modular kitchens and cabinets were considerately designed, manufactured and installed that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Disenyong Pambahay brought together a dynamic team composed of well experienced and professional sales agents in this line of industry, in-house designers, custom woodworkers, master laminators and superior project management experts to produce the finest cabinetry, counters, flooring and others to create kitchens and cabinets that are as unique and personal as a client’s signature. A time-tested methodology ensures that clients will get their project completed on time, on budget, and beyond expectations.


Customized modular kitchen based on your personal touch & style. Computer aided design technology to provide a 3D design & perspective. High quality materials to produce high quality kitchen. Superior project management experts to complete on time & on budget. Modern kitchen renovation & remodelling that combines functionality & style.


To be the leading company in the country that creates a highly competitive world class modular kitchen and cabinetry designs.


To constantly provide an exceptional customer service, and offer a world class kitchen and cabinetry design at the most reasonable price.


Disenyong Pambahay selects the finest products from a variety of the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, and we use them to create one-of-a-kind kitchens that reflect the style and personality of our clients.

All our featured and latest kitchen creations and cabinetry designs aim to meet every client’s needs that is practical, within their budget, and in line with their home’s overall look and feel.


A standard in kitchen layouts, L-Type kitchens are ergonomic making it a popular choice for the modern kitchen. It is versatile and suits a limited space where a G-shape kitchen proves inapplicable. The L-kitchen makes for an efficient and sensible triangular work space accessible to the preparation, clean-up, and cooking areas.


A U-kitchen design has cabinets along three walls, typically with the sink at the base of the “U”. This type maximizes wall space with walls for cabinets and appliances. Various areas of the kitchen can be accessed without walking across it because of its U-shaped design. Decades of ergonomic research enabled this basic layout to be one of the most useful and versatile for different kitchen sizes.


A one-wall kitchen or straight kitchen is a design that is all built into one linear wall. These types of kitchens are found typically in small homes and efficiency apartments to save space and construction costs. A single-file kitchen has all appliances, cabinets and countertops on one wall. The work triangle degenerates to a line allowing the owner to perform all tasks in a single workspace.


The parallel kitchen has two rows of cabinets at opposite walls, one containing the stove and the sink, the other the refrigerator. This layout is the most efficient layout for a thin kitchen space.


A peninsula is basically a connected island, peninsula is a way of describing a cabinet or series of cabinets that are only connected to the main body of the kitchen on one side. Kitchen peninsulas is a layout plan to replace traditional kitchens walls with a run of cabinets to create space while at the same time defining the kitchen border.

L-Kitchens With Island

A kitchen island is a countertop in the middle of a kitchen that’s used to prepare food or as an alternative to a table. An island is a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the countertop space. An island is also not of limited or specific dimension, which means it can be sized appropriate to the kitchen space available.


Countertops usually refers to a horizontal worksurface in kitchens or other food preparation areas, bathrooms or lavatories, and workrooms in general. Aside from appearance and cost, home owners should prefer countertops that are durable & functional, It is frequently installed upon and supported by a base cabinets.

Vanity Bathroom Sinks

Bathrooms can be calm and relaxing, even on weekday mornings. Our sink cabinets give you storage space that turns where’s-my-toothpaste chaos into we’re-ready-to-go-now. And they come in styles that match our bathroom cabinets if you want to enjoy a coordinated look while you enjoy some pampering.

Entertainment Cabinets

These TV stands and entertainment centers lend a sense of style to one of your living room’s focal points. Choose from simple metal stands with sleek lines and traditional wooden cabinets with ample storage space for all your electronics.

Walk-in Closets

A walk-in closet is a closet where someone walks in to store things. They may have lighting, walls, and a floor from other spaces. The walk-in closet can have hinged, bi-fold, or sliding doors. It is good for storing huge amount of apparels, accessories, etc.

Bed Frames & Murphy Beds

The Murphy Bed, also known as a wall bed, fold down bed or pull down bed, is a bed that’s hinged at one end so it can be folded up and stored vertically against a wall or in a closet. Ideal for small spaces.


Tables serve a variety of purposes for your home or working space. They should be strategically placed to provide people with surfaces they can work on or put items on. It doesn’t matter what shape and size you want your table to come in, as long as it fits your lifestyle and it is made of durable materials.

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Other Services

Our philosophy is to constantly offer you an affordable, modern, modular kitchen to make your dream kitchen come true by providing quality customer service and quality creations. We innovate every kitchen designs and we always take it to the next level.

“Our clients are at the centre of everything we accomplish and we will work tirelessly towards ensuring that we meet and exceed their expectations.”


VILCRU Hardware

For years of experience in creating high quality modular kitchen designs, we are truly grateful for the trust you have given us throughout our journey since day one. Now, Disenyong Pambahay has expanded its services to kitchen hardware, accessories, and more through Vilcru. VILCRU HARDWARE offers a wide variety of high quality mechanisms that meet world class standards with modern designs, appealing simplicity, and elegance at affordable prices. We highly recommend VILCRU Hardware and we have used its product lines for years. AVC Disenyong Pambahay Trading’s reputation for excellence cuts across all products and brands we use. In our business, we consider the overall outcome of a project, not just focus on the materials we use. Hence: “As always, we stand ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.”


All Purpose Wire Basket

This chrome wire basket is ideal for organizing your valuable pots, pans, plates glasses and other kitchen items! Baskets feature full-extension ball bearing slides, Heavy-Duty Chrome plated frames, and are easy to install . these baskets help to increase storage capacity in a limited space in a kitchen and allow to store kitchenware in a proper manner.


Concealed Hinges

When building new furniture, it is a good idea to select fittings such as hinges. The most common place to find concealed hinges is in your kitchen cabinets as they are hidden inside the cabinet allowing a feature to be made of the cupboard door. The popular choice of hinges for kitchen cupboards are full overlay concealed hinges. These let the door fit inside the cupboard carcass allowing the door edge to be perfectly in line with the edge of the cabinet.


Condiment Wire Basket

Condiment Pull out wire baskets storage are convenient – you can put oil, vinegar, salt and many more. With these baskets and pullouts you will get a maximum storage space in an organized storage and easy accessibility.


Cutlery Tray

When it comes to getting organized, cutlery trays offer a solution to numerous organizational dilemmas. A standard item in kitchen that keeps your forks, spoon knives and other silverwares together, silverware or cutlery trays are the perfect solution to organize your clutter and help everything run more efficiently.


Handles & Knobs

Add style and flair to your cabinets and furniture. Like hot spices, kitchen door handles and knobs are little things that have a big impact. We have lots of choices to match and enhance the style of your kitchen with custom hardware. Handles & knobs are the perfect way to modernize any room or update any piece of furniture.


Magic Corner

Why waste space in the corner base cabinet when you can maximize your corner storage space? The Magic Corner allows the person to keep the items in a modular kitchen in an organized way, and take items without bending and going inside the kitchen platform cabinet.The Magic Corner pulls out then swivels to the side while back baskets simultaneously move into the cabinet opening. Back baskets slide forward individually providing total access.


Pull Out Pantry

Save time and prevent food waste with a well-organized pantry. This is a wonderful kitchen organizers because everything is accessible from the side as they hold a lot when the pantry is pulled out from the cabinet. Pullout pantries make a quiet operation even under heavy loads.


Waste Bin

A user friendly waste bin connected to your kitchen cabinet door. Its lids automatically opens by itself and the extra large opening gives you enough space to empty a dustpan without spilling.


Wine Racks

A simple and elegant wall-mounting wine storage unit offer an attractive storage and display of your favorite wines. Wine rack will make your wine selection infinitely easier than before. Simply pull out one of the full-extension, ball-bearing shelves and choose the wine you want.


Our suppliers have the same dedication of excellence as we do. We believe that the choice of material determines the longevity of the kitchen and cabinetry we produce; hence, our stringent standards and dedication to excellence.

High Pressure Laminates

HPL is the direct descendent of the original plastic laminate. It is considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials and is available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance. HPL is composed of layers of kraft paper, a single layer of decorative paper with a solid color or design, and finished with a protective layer that can have printed design accents or other decorative features. Decorative laminates are laminated products primarily used as furniture surface materials from countertops, vanities, cabinets and store fixtures to furniture, post-forming applications, wall paneling and much more . It can be manufactured as either high- or low-pressure laminate, with the two processes not much different from each other except for the pressure applied in the pressing process. HPL is a fire-resistant and flame-retardant but there are many different standards with regards to fire-resistant and flame-retardant properties of high-pressure decorative laminates.


Imported Marine Boards

There are two types of engineered wooden boards, Plywood and Blockboards. Plywood is made from layers or sheet material manufactured from thin layers or “plies” of wood glued over one another. Plywood is an engineered wood from the family of manufactured boards which includes medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and particle board (chipboard). Marine Board is also an engineered wood manufactured from durable face and core veneers, with few defects so it performs longer in both humid and wet conditions and resists delaminating and fungal attack. Its construction is such that it can be used in environments where it is exposed to moisture for long periods. Similar to Plywood Marine, these boars are most expensive and is made with high quality materials. Marine Boards is constructed by gluing together a number of layers (plies) of wood. Marine plywood is frequently used in the construction of docks and boats.

Advantages of Marine Plywood over MDF/Particle Board

  • Because it consists of layers of wood veneer with the grain on each layer running a different direction, it’s a very strong building material.
  • It’s less susceptible to water damage than MDF, and won’t soak up water and swell as quickly or easily as MDF does. (Just like particle board, MDF will soak up water and other liquids like a sponge and swell. Not only does it soak up stain like a sponge, but also because there’s no wood grain on MDF, it looks awful when it’s stained)
  • It’s stainable, which makes it perfect for kitchen cabinets, table tops, and other projects where you want a large stained wood surface.
  • It holds screws very tightly since the varying grains of wood on each layer give the screws something to hold onto. (MDF doesn’t hold screws very well, and it’s very easy to strip the screw holes because it consists of such fine particles)


PVC Edge Banding

Edge banding, is the name of both a process and an associated narrow strip of material used to create durable and aesthetically pleasing trim edges during finish carpentry. Edge banding is used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as plywood, particle board or MDF, increasing durability and giving the appearance of a solid or more valuable material. Traditional edge banding was a manual process requiring ordinary carpentry tools and materials. In modern applications, particularly for high-volume, repetitive manufacturing steps such as cabinet doors, edge banding is applied to the substrate by an automated process using a hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesives can be water or solvent based Thicker edge bandings typically require a slight concavity to provide a tight glue line. The thickness can vary from .018″ to 5mm or even more.


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